Board Candidates Survey 2010

Candidates Survey Answers

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  1. Gary Bizzo:   Survey    Bio
  2. Doreen Braverman:   Survey    Bio
  3. Carellin Brooks:   Survey    Bio
  4. Gregory Dean:   Survey    Bio
  5. Allen Garr:   Survey    Bio
  6. Douglas Gook:   No Answers Provided    Bio
  7. Barrie Lynch:   Survey    Bio
  8. Oksana Szulhan:   Survey    Bio
  9. Heather Tremain:   Survey    Bio
  10. Ken Walton:   No Answers Provided    Bio
  11. Virginia Weiler:   Survey    Bio
  12. Bob Williams:   Survey    Bio

Dream 15 Survey Questions

Candidates were asked seven questions and had up to 300 words to answer each one.

Affordable Housing
  1. What could Vancity do to create more affordable housing for both low- and middle-income Vancouverites?
  2. How can Vancity use financial products or services to support the creation of more rental housing units in Vancouver?


  1. What can Vancity do to provide incentives to its members to use alternatives to private vehicles in the same way it has facilitated alternative transportation programs for its 2,400 staff?
  2. How can Vancity use financial products or services to support the widespread adoption of alternatives to private vehicle use in Vancouver?

Citizen Engagement and Involvement

  1. What could Vancity do to include more citizen engagement in its decision-making processes?
  2. How can local branches engage citizens more directly in Vancouver's 23 neighbourhoods?


  1. What else would you like to tell Think City supporters about your candidacy?