Authors Against Cuts

When Think City asked notable Canadian authors why they loved public libraries, here's what they told us.

Steven GallowaySteven Galloway

"Libraries are not something society enables us to have, they are what enables us to have a functioning society. Cutbacks to these libraries threaten our ability to recover from crisis – to reduce one of the main places where the contract that is civilization can be explored and discussed is as disastrous to our collective well being as anything else we can do to ourselves. These cuts will shorten each breath our city takes."
- Steven is the author of The Cellist of Sarajevo.


Chris HumphreysChris (CC) Humphreys

"BC libraries are gateways into the imagination. For everyone, and most especially for children, they open up worlds of wonder, fascination, learning. A book is a journey, something that is jointly made in the mind of both author and reader. It is active as opposed to most other forms of entertainment. It is also free and accessible to all. How can we even consider cutting back on this most valuable and stimulating resource?"
- Chris is a father and author of the trilogy The Runestone Saga.


Susan JubySusan Juby

"People of all kinds depend on the library. Whether you're a treeplanter, a senior, a student or a visiting MLA, if you seek education, edification, solace or maybe just a quiet place to read the newspaper, the library is a place you can turn. It's particularly crucial to preserve library funding during tough times, when the citizens of communities around this province need support, distraction and sometimes a hint at other possibilities and worlds. I would be ashamed to live in a province with a government that took a knife to this most vital of institutions."
- Susan is the author of Alice, I Think and, most recently, Getting the Girl.


Shaena LambertShaena Lambert

"A cut to library funding is a cut to all of us. From the toddler who discovers the thrill of her first pop-up book at the library, to the pre-teen who falls under the spell of Harry Potter, to the senior who visits the newspaper room as part of his daily ritual – libraries form a vital part of our lives. They are one of democracy's great inventions, because all you need is a card and the ability to read and you have access. Simply being in library – with its leather-spined books, illustrated classics, microfiche and special collections – fuels the imagination. Any cuts to libraries is a cut to our creativity, our health and a crucial part of our democracy."
- Shaena is the author of The Falling Woman and Radiance.


Mark Leiren-YoungMark Leiren-Young

"Praising public libraries is like praising motherhood, apple pie or those little tiny donuts at the PNE when they've got extra cinnamon on them. Who doesn't think these are a good idea? At libraries everyone - regardless of income, education level or aroma - has an equal right to read pretty much anything from classics to comic books to classic comic books. They're a place where anyone can get an education - or borrow a trashy dvd. There's only one excuse for a government to cut funding for libraries - if they think the only people who vote for them are stupid."
- Mark is the Stephen Leacock 2009 Medal winning author of Never Shoot a Stampede Queen.


Yann MartelYann Martel

"Libraries are the memories of a literate society. Without libraries, a literate society has no future because it can't pass on its knowledge, or amuse its children, for that matter."
- Yann is the author of Life of Pi.



Andreas SchroederAndreas Schroeder
"Cutting library funding is never a good idea. Public libraries are one of the most important features of a modern, democratic society, and the best indicator of a country's cultural health. I urge the BC government to abandon this unwise and retrogressive policy."
- Andreas is a poet, novelist, and nonfiction writer.


Arthur SladeArthur Slade

"As a child, my second home was a library. There I learned everything I could about other countries, other peoples, even other worlds. A library was a welcoming place that allowed my imagination to take root and grow."
- Arthur is the author of the Canadian Chills series of books and the award-winning Dust.