Civic Engagement

Civic EngagementCivic engagement sounds like a pretty serious process, but it doesn't have to be. Being engaged in your community and in local government issues can be as simple as writing a letter to the editor, speaking to city council or staff, or organizing a public event with your neighbours.

On this page we've put together a few resources that are helpful to understanding what civic engagement means, and how you can go about getting involved. If you know of any materials that should be included here, please let us know.

Civic Engagement 101 - What does Think City mean when it talks about civic engagement? Why is it important? And what are the ways that you can participate in civic issues?

Think City Policy Primer - Ever wondered what a "policy" is, and how it translates into reality at the municipal level? This Think City primer takes the mystery out of the policy process.

Montreal Citizens' Summit 2009 Presentation - Think City board chair Neil Monckton compares Vancouver and Montreal's democratic development from 2001 up until today.