Backgrounder: Parks Board

Parks Board Budget Overview

  • The Vancouver Parks Board provides an array of services to the city, including the maintenance and administration of recreation facilities, more than 200 city parks, city marinas, and city trees.
  • The Vancouver Parks Board manages an annual budget of over $59 million dollars.
  • The City determines the global budget but the elected Parks Board determines allocation of funds.

What Does the 2008 Budget Proposal Mean for Parks Board Services?

  • Higher user fees and no new services.
  • The 2008 city operating budget allows for no expansion of services in 2008.
  • The Park Board operating budget proposal is $59.3 million dollars. This represents a 3.05% increase from 2007. This budget, in conjunction with an increase in user fees will maintain service levels without reductions in staff positions.
  • This budget is separate from the budget for capital projects. Currently, the Parks Board is in the third year of the 2006-2008 capital plan.

2008 Increase in User Fees

To maintain current service levels and subsidize services that operate at a loss, the Vancouver Parks Board wants to institute the following increases:

  • Marina Fees: Up 15%
  • Stanley Park train and farm fees, Vandusen Gardens: Up 2.75%
  • Parking: Up 2.75%
  • All other fees, including pool and ice rink admission: Up 2.75%
  • Subsidies for community groups and low-income users remain in place.

Some Current Parks Board Capital Projects

  • Mount Pleasant Community Centre
  • Greening the Park Board
  • Neighbourhood Park Renewal
  • Stanley Park Renewal
  • Playing Field Upgrades
Additional Background
  • On February 25, the Parks Board failed to pass the 2008 budget proposal on spending allocations within the global budget due to a tie vote.
  • The budget proposal has been sent back with recommendations to city staff for revisions.
  • The City of Vancouver saved $11.8 million dollars during the 2007 work stoppage.
  • The Parks Board accounts for $3.4 million dollars of these savings. Requests by the Board for these funds to be returned to the Parks Board budget were denied.
  • The full 11.8 million dollars will instead be refunded to taxpayers as a credit in 2008.