Dream 15 Survey

Dream 15

Over 2,200 Vancouverites have now chosen their top three priorities for Mayor Robertson from among 15 Dream Vancouver policy solutions regarding affordable housing, transportation and citizen engagement.

During the 2008 civic election, Mayor Gregor Robertson gave Think City a written commitment he would support 15 Dream Vancouver-developed solutions to enhance affordable housing, transportation and citizen engagement in the city. In response to the mayor's commitment Think City surveyed residents for their top picks from Feb. 12 to Aug. 24, 2009.

The results?

Out of 15 possible policy options, Vancouverites said their top three priorities were:

  1. reforming the electoral system to give more power to neighbourhoods;
  2. re-allocating road space to support other forms of transportation besides private vehicles; and
  3. establishing a civic housing authority to develop more options for low- and middle-income people in the housing market.

Below is a list of the percentage support each policy option received within the Dream 15 policy areas of affordable housing, citizen engagement and transportation:

Affordable Housing

  1. 34.4% Support Establishing Civic Housing Authority - The city should create a city housing authority (similar to the model in Whistler) that is responsible for developing affordable housing (this includes rental units, co-ops or units for home ownership).
  2. 19.9% Support Developer Incentives/Requirements - The city should create affordable housing in new housing developments by providing developers with both incentives and requirements to build these units (e.g., an incentive would be allowing developers to build a greater number of market units in exchange for building below-market units within a single development).
  3. 17.7% Support Relaxing Existing Development Bylaws - The city should change its laws to allow for development of affordable housing (e.g., eliminate parking stall minimums, allow more than one secondary suite, etc.)
  4. 16.5% Support Bans on Condo Conversions and Enforcing Maintenance Standards - The city should maintain rental units by banning condo conversions and enforcing standards of maintenance to prevent deteriorating housing conditions.
  5. 11.4% Support Establishing Below-Market Housing Program -The city should initiate a "below-market" housing program where homebuyers (both low- and moderate-income) would have the ability to purchase a home at a price below market value, provided they agree to sell at a price below market value (i.e., if you purchase at 20 per cent below market, you must sell at 20 per cent below market).

Citizen Engagement

  1. 40.9% Support Reforming Vancouver's Electoral System - The city should replace the at-large system with another electoral system (e.g., wards, proportional representation).
  2. 24.3% Support More Citizen-Led Neighbourbood Activities - The city should provide more funding and other resources to foster citizen-directed activities in neighbourhoods (e.g., neighbourhood councils, childcare/seniors care, community gardens, traffic calming, etc.).
  3. 17.8% Support Enabling Citizen Decision-Making Powers Between Elections - The city should provide citizens with direct ways to set city council priorities between elections (e.g., ongoing democratic reform through a citizens' assembly or annual/capital budget development through participatory budgeting).
  4. 11.7% Support Establishing Civic Public Consultation Office - The city should establish an independent office of public consultation to ensure all city consultation processes are transparent, credible and effective.
  5. 5.2% Support Greater Engagement of Multicultural Communities - The city should create a public engagement strategy to ensure that multicultural communities participate in public processes more than they do now.


  1. 31.6% Support Making More Road Space Car-Free - The city should reallocate road space currently dedicated to private automobiles to other methods of transportation (e.g., bikes, pedestrians, public transit, taxis).
  2. 25.3% Support Free Transit Downtown - The city should create a free, public transit system separate from TransLink to service the downtown area, including Chinatown, Gastown, the Downtown Eastside, Yaletown, Coal Harbour and the West End.
  3. 19.7% Support Establishing Civic Transportation Advisory Committee - The city should create a citizen-led Transportation Advisory Committee to advocate for better transportation options in Vancouver and the region.
  4. 19.0% Support Improving Cycling Infrastructure - The city should improve cycling infrastructure (e.g., creating more bike routes, bike lanes that are separated from automobile lanes, parking, storage, more bike racks on busses or cyclist access to SkyTrain during rush hours).
  5. 4.3% Support Car-Free Burrard Street Bridge Alternatives - The city should explore alternatives for pedestrians and cyclists on the Burrard Street Bridge. These alternative solutions could include a separate pedestrian/cycle bridge over False Creek and/or converting lanes on the existing bridge to cycle lanes.