Host Tips

Strathcona Walk

Volunteer Host: Host a Tour

These tips are intended as a guideline for individuals or groups to help develop a tour.

Feel free to invent, create and draw outside the lines. Remember, tours don't have to be limited to a walk – bicycles, skateboards or any other non-motorized forms of transportation are encouraged.

You can also download our Think City Tours do-it-yourself workshop here, for a step-by-step guide to designing a tour.

Tour Hosting Basics

It is very important to act as a friendly host and "border collie" for your group. Have them introduce themselves to each other to start off, establish a friendly vibe.

Emphasize the need to gather in close while you're talking and not block the sidewalks or streets for others. Make sure they can hear you. To do that you must corral them into a space where there's as little street noise as possible and face them when you speak.

Position yourself so you can be looking at them, while they look at the point of interest. You can get them to stand on stairs or a rise, and speak to them amphitheatre style. You could also climb on top of something a bit higher, and project over the group. You've really got to belt it out, especially if you're on busy streets. Do not be shy – you are the host

A washroom break is always a good idea for any tour over an hour, so you might want to plan passing by a fast food joint or coffee shop to facilitate these functions.