London Shows World Class Way for Vancouver

undergroundBy Simon Fraser University Graduate Public Policy Program Professor Kennedy Stewart

Vancouver is my favorite city on the planet because of its youth and potential. As our city moves through adolescence to adulthood my dream is that we collectively decide to maximize our potential and, ultimately, build a future world city.

This statement offers ideas as to Vancouver's best route to world city status which I feel almost entirely rests on enacting a directly-elected regional government.

As a starting point, I do not think Vancouver yet qualifies as a world city. For me, world cities are those densely populated spaces that overcome challenges to consistently produce and export greatness – with perhaps London being the greatest. That Londoners have nurtured Shakespeare, Marx and Pinter, built St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tate Modern, boast a 150-year-old transit system on which three billion people now annually travel and survived the Blitz make it my world city of world cities.