Local Prosperity: About Authors

James Fletcher - James Fletcher is a researcher and writer. He specializes in issues of sustainability, local governance, planning and urban design, and public engagement. He has a BA in geography and is an associate member of the Planning Institute of British Columbia. James is a candidate for the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University.

Doug McArthur - Doug McArthur is a professor in the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. He teaches and writes on public policy theory and process, forestry, resources, northern development, negotiations, aboriginal policy, and governance. For many years Doug was a senior public servant in the British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Yukon governments. He is a frequent commentator on public policy issues.

Think City -Launched in 2002, Think City believes citizens can make the best decision about the kind of city they want, when they are given the time, support and tools they need.

Think City works to:

a) help citizens realize the issues facing their communities and develop collective solutions;
b) facilitate the strengthening of civil societies within communities and across British Columbia;
c) educate citizens on ways to protect their environment, strengthen local economies, and ensure the protection of individual rights and access to basic services; and
d) provide communities with educational tools to assist in the long-term development of healthier societies.

As a result of our work, Think City has developed expertise in producing large-scale citizen participation exercises through public forums, workshops, surveys and hallmark conferences. More recently, Think City has expanded on its role as a civic issues convenor to begin developing policy solutions through our Dream Vancouver process that was launched in October 2007.