2008 Civic Election Exit Poll

Vancouver Votes Nov. 15Was there a boost in turnout among Vancouver`s multicultural residents this past civic election, or were they under-represented when compared to the percentage of white voters who cast ballots in Vancouver's civic elections?

Think City and Simon Fraser University (SFU) co-organized Canada's second-ever exit poll for the Nov. 15, 2008 Vancouver civic election. Over 840 citizens were surveyed at 18 polling stations acorss the city. The exit poll results are now being analysed so that researchers can better understand what measures will improve democracy in our city.

Exit polls provide excellent information as to who is and who is not participating in elections. They are especially valuable as unlike phone or email polls, they do not overestimate the turnout of marginalized groups. Moreover, as voters are questioned as soon as they leave the polling booth, issues of concern are still fresh in their minds.

Common in United States civic elections, exit polls have helped identify the under-representation of various minority groups and make the case for electoral and non-electoral reform.

Results of the exit poll will be released in the coming months. Please visit the Think City Minute area of this web site for updates.