Pedestrian City

Pedestrian CityThink City has two projects that focus on pedestrian issues, our annual Jane's Walk event and our False Creek car-free crossing campaign.

Jane's Walk

Each year, Think City celebrates the legacy of urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs with a series of free tours given by citizens during the first weekend of May in Metro Vancouver.

Jane's Walk is a thriving Canadian innovation that spans 68 cities worldwide – 29 in Canada, 32 in the United States, seven internationally. In 2010, there were 42 walks in Metro Vancouver that attracted 1,700-plus participants.

False Creek Car-Free Crossing

Development on both sides of False Creek means pedestrian and bicycle traffic will continue to grow as adjacent neighbourhoods become more densely populated. And so will the need for facilities that help make it easier to get around the city on foot.

Think City wants to open up the discussion to citizens and explore their ideas for a car-free crossing to connect downtown with the south shore of False Creek.