Electrical Contractor Tasks Best Taken Care Of By electrical contractors in Toronto

Electrical Contractor Tasks Best Taken Care Of By electrical contractors in Toronto

 The pride of a DIY project or task that has gone successfully can be thrillingly overwhelming and even tempt you to take on more challenging projects. This is alright as long as that new challenge isn’t spelt E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y! The reason is obvious – all it takes is a small mistake and you could cause harm or damage to other human beings, pets and property. It is better to hire electrical contractors in Toronto than to be sorry.   Below are 5 electrical maintenance and repair jobs that are best handled by a qualified professionals:  

Replacement or fixing of the circuit breaker

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to prevent electrical overloads from causing damage by cutting off power when overload is detected. But in cases where the circuit breaker hasn’t been properly fitted, a fire can result from the wires heating up since the circuit breaker isn’t functioning properly. Another reason why this is a task for the professionals only is that there’s an extremely high level of electrical power present in and around the highly sensitive main panel and this can cause serious damage and harm.  

Changing wall outlets

Replacement of a power outlet is a task that DIYers can be allowed to perform on condition that electricity has been turned off at the mains and the replacement is only for outlet types that are classified as like-to-like. However when it comes to performing an upgrade to a grounded outlet from an ungrounded outlet while also incorporating a GFCI switch, amateurs should leave the task to licensed and qualified electricians.  

Hooking up a new building to the power grid

Every self-respecting electricity company requires that when hooking up a new building or premises to the power grid, the work should be done by a licensed and qualified professional. This is to protect their members of staff and their investments from harm and damage should something go askew. The law also requires that any new building or structure assign a licensed and qualified electrical contractor for the purposes of connecting the premises to the electricity grid.  

Rewiring and fixing broken wiring

Every couple of years the building codes are changed and everyone has to conform. To either add, repair, replace wiring or new circuits to your commercial or residential premises only a licensed technician is allowed by law to undertake the job. One of the easiest ways an electrical fire can start is through overloads that happen inside the walling. And to make matters worse a good number of insurance companies that insure homes will decline to compensate a homeowner if it is found out that the fire was caused by faulty wiring which was done by either electricians who were not licensed or by the homeowner as a DIY task.  

All permit-requiring jobs

When it comes to electrical jobs that require a permit from various parties including power companies and building regulators the best thing is to play by the rules. Failure to adhere could result in a mistake which will result in fines and even more money to rectify the situation as well as for the mandatory re-inspection.   Statistics show that a significant number of home fires result from amateurish electrical wiring which could have been prevented by hiring professionals. To avoid becoming a statistic electrical contractors in Toronto is the solution you need.  

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